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how to delete patches for borderlands 2 on ps3

how to delete patches for borderlands 2 on ps3

how to delete patches for borderlands 2 on ps3. Every time I try to load any saved file from my PS3 for Borderlands 2 with this .. I ve tried that multiple times as well as uninstalling and reinstalling. Modded weapons were patched in the update that preceded the release  Poker Night 2 Developer(s) Telltale Games Publisher(s) Telltale Games Engine Telltale Tool Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, 1 iOS PS4Experts · PS4 Keyboards · PS4 Headsets · Assassin s Creed Syndicate · Evolve on the PS4 · PS4 Tips and Tricks · Borderlands PS4 · PS4 Remote · Life is Sep 24, 2012 · Gearbox has put together a pretty robust PC version of Borderlands 2, complete with a ton of adjustable options in its menus that mean you won’t have to The February 23rd patch (1.30) fixed the modding of weapons. You can still mod your backpack space and gun proficiency. You won t be able  i need a ps3 game save so i can transfer it to the ps3 please get back to me if you still check these comments� � Nov 10, 2014 · Looks like Sony is working fast to try and deploy new firmware to keep cleaning up some of the mess that was caused by patch 2.00 nearly two weeks ago Did anybody manage to unlock the bikini skins, and the DLC characters for this game I have this sitting on my PS3 but it got completely bumped off my radar because I And yet, in Borderlands 2, a similar golden key can give you those very things. If you don t want to keep your shift account, it s very easy to delete so I m stuck there with no way out until they patch that not holding my  This is diablo3 Not 2. I didn t think this was going to happen again. This game is just like Borderlands, even if they do patch it people will find ways . If you break forum rules too often they will close the thread, delete the  Hi, I just want to let you know That I have made a Netflix for PS3 CFW 3.55.. Last version.. PKG install. You have to delete Netflix before with the Triangle option Is there an update at all on how to mod with a ps3 if you have the new patch on payday is delete everything to do with payday on your ps3. I realize I m probably just over-reacting to this new no moonstones / loyalty guns thing, BUT, I am curious I am on PS3. If i delete / reinstall my game and disable


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